Vi har gitt en oppgradering siden sist sammen med @oeddep og @oljedir #WordPress…



Founded in 2011 by Håkon Rydland, Bjørn Børresen, Frode E. Moe and Edvard Brygfjeld, Last Friday is an independent, privately owned software development company operating out of Stavanger, Norway. Our main clients are local and national advertising agencies, but a few international clients have also found their way to us. Our work is divided between product development, consultancy work and client projects.

Software Development

You think (and design) it – we build it! Our combined experience allows us to take on a wide range of projects, but we do most of our work on websites, web-applications and mobile apps with a few interactive installations from time to time. For the more technically inclined, we do most of our web-based work in HTML5 and PHP, and write native as well as HTML5 apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Photo by Dag Knudsen